A Week On Twitter

by Quinn

  • @hackneye Great stuff. I’ve got “Kingdom Of Rust” going around on a constant loop in my brain. in reply to hackneye [#]
  • The “Hoover”. The “Thermos”. What the hell is it about the word “vacuum” that means we run to the safety and comfort of the generic name? [#]
  • God I hate card shops, and I’ve just spent a small fortune in one. [#]
  • @michael_dennis Too true. Its my wife’s birthday *and* Mothers Day this weekend, so I need a flowchart to ensure I’ve covered all the bases. in reply to michael_dennis [#]
  • We all have our irrational prejudices. One of mine is an instinctive distrust of anyone who likes Rugby Union. I hope to get over it in time [#]
  • I think my addiction to Dime/Daim bars has returned, something I thought I had beaten, and which has lain dormant for some twenty years. [#]
  • Unless “Piers Morgan On…” does an edition called “…Fire”, I’m not interested. [#]
  • @gezd Agreed. I like Stewart Lee, but that skit was too long, and Richard Herring seems to have gone from comedy partner to imaginary friend in reply to gezd [#]
  • Cheese-on-toast for lunch. Again. Sometimes my lack of imagination actually frightens me. [#]
  • First mention of 110% on #apprentice. So soon! [#]