That Week On Twitter

by Quinn

  • I’ve had some amazing observations recently that I haven’t been able to whittle down to 140 characters. Honest. Oh well, your loss. [#]
  • Listening to Radio 1 is hilarious. You can play “Name That Tune”; which tune has this “new” song mercilessly ripped off. [#]
  • Not sure which is worse; Delingpole condoning torture or his praising Jeremy Vine as being among the best of the BBC [#]
  • @michael_dennis Cheers. Their being idiots I can handle. But even by their lowly standards that editorial seemed especially muddle headed. in reply to michael_dennis [#]
  • Muller Little Stars Raspberry Fromage Frais actually tastes of raspberry, rather than being some “vaguely red fruit” flavour. Delicious. [#]
  • It’s official. I’m the #1 Twitterer in Cheadle! Go me! [#]
  • For the sun, for the beer garden, for the pint of Stella, for the newspaper and for the sleeping daughter in the pushchair: Thank You. [#]