Ad Hoc

by Quinn

The other day I watched a programme on ITV2 as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. This one listed the best 20 adverts in the history of ITV, and it was okay. In common with all “list” programmes it had its fault, and in particular this programme shared similar flaws with a Channel 4 programme from a few years back called The Hundred Best Adverts Ever, Ever, Ever, or something similar.

I don’t just mean that they picked adverts I don’t like – that is bound to happen with a subjective list – but that they restricted each product to one advert only. So, Guinness, which has always had brilliant adverts, gets represented solely by that “horses and surfers, tick-followed-tock” one; a fine advert to be sure, but is seems a shame that other commercials in their canon never seem to get considered.

Tango is another brand that has a fine history in producing quality adverts, but again suffers because only the original “orange bloke slapping someone on the chops” advert seems to be included on these programmes. In fact, the greatest advert of all time is for Tango; but it isn’t for orange flavour, or even apple flavour. No, the best television commercial ever was when Tango advertised their blackcurrant flavour, for the one and only time.

I know there are more important things going on in the world, but I think it is an injustice that this genius of an advert has been consistently overlooked; but no longer. Inspired by the ITV programme I typed something along the lines of “blackcurrant tango advert” into Google and came up with this gem of a site where you can watch this little masterpiece again and again in all its glory; and a load of other adverts while you’re are at it.

Watch it, and just see if I’m not right.