Your authorHello there. My name is Andy, and I live in Cheadle, South Manchester along with my wife, son and daughter. In my day job I work as a communications officer for one of our beloved public services.

This is the place where I occasionally handle my creative writing pangs, writing whatever the hell I like; for my own pleasure, and to test out my thoughts in my head, on the page, and upon anyone unfortunate enough to end up here following a fruitless and ill-fated Google search. Hardly anyone reads this blog, and yet I still manage to have more readers than I ever imagined I would. I guess it’s my paucity of ambition. But hang around here for as long as you like. You’re more than welcome.

I also answer to Quinn, the anonymising pseudonym-cum-alter ego I picked when I started this blog way back when. All posts and comment on this blog are still attributed to Quinn, for reasons of continuity and to avoid any confusion on the off-chance there is a second blogger out there also called Andy. You never know. But don’t worry, it’s only me. I’m Andy.

If after reading this you still haven’t had enough, then you can also find me elsewhere: on Twitter, for brief and pointless <140 character chit-chat; on Delicious, for less brief but arguably more pointless comments on clippings from the internet; and on YouTube, for the (very) occasional video thingy.