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Twitterings: 27th November-3rd December

  • Did you miss me? #
  • Cake – #
  • Looking forward to the City match tonight; at the very least it will end our long run of draws. #
  • Is this the worst press release ever? #

Twitterings: 28th August-3rd September

  • Still in Cornwall. #

Twitterings: 21st-27th August

  • To Cornwall. #
  • In Cornwall. #
  • The rule, regarding the sea, is that the most impressive waves will appear when your camera is in your bag. #

Twitterings: 14th-20th August

  • I've got a new set of kitchen scales! They're great, and I couldn't be happier if I'd just got an iPhone 3GS. Although I'm a bit richer. #
  • Two days of work are squatting between me and my holiday, like two great big squatting things. Fuck off, squatting things; I don't like you. #
  • Just because I want the trains to run on time, it doesn't make me a fascist. #
  • No more working for a week or three. That's me. #
  • First, Virgin Media pester us to join them. Now BT pester us to leave Virgin and join them. Except we're already *with* BT. I give up. #
  • Those were yummy pakoras. But the batter was the natural enemy of tempura. #

Twitterings: 7th-13th August

  • While the wife and kids are away I've come in from work to a beer, the cricket and a chippy tea. Fun for a night. Any longer would kill me. #
  • Foolishly, I thought Pringles "Italian Cheese" flavour would taste of Parmesan or Gorgonzola, not cheese powder and oregano. Live and learn. #
  • Who among us can, in all honesty, claim to enjoy shiny ham? #
  • My daughter cries "No, don't want it naughty step!" But that's kind of the point. #
  • Got up early for work this morning, got ready leisurely, and forgot half my stuff. Tomorrow I'll revert to my "last-minute-mad-dash" method. #
  • "If the NHS is so great, why has no other nation copied it?" is the criticism of the NHS for people who don't like to think too hard. #
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