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Twitterings: 31st July-6th August

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #12: "I trust you will tell me If I am making a fool of myself?" [#]
  • If it wasn't for odd socks, I wouldn't have no socks at all. [#]
  • Crying a lot, listening to "A Minor Incident" by Badly Drawn Boy. I daren't listen to Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work" in this frame of mind. [#]
  • Considering the irony of last night's The Street: an actor plays a "bigoted chef" while his best mate is played by real-life Big Cook. [#]
  • Wednesday Fact: the Great Wall of China is the only man-made object visible to the naked eye if you get your face right up close to it. [#]

Twitterings: 24th-30th July

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #11: "No more absolutes, no more absolutes. Stick your penitentiary clothes inside the vent and run along." [#]
  • If there's one thing I just don't "get", it's Tofu. I mean, I know it's beancurd; but what is it now? [#]
  • City's "Tevez – Welcome To Manchester" poster + Ferguson's brittle response = job done. [#]
  • Just read an email from Premier Inn saying "Your booking in confirmed" as "Your joy in unconfined". I think I need a rest. [#]
  • Whatever happened to our "barbecue summer"? [#]

Twitterings: 17th-23rd July

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #10: "The wicket keeper is down." [#]
  • The next person to refer to public- and private-sector "apartheid" gets a bop on the nose from me. (My money's on Digby Jones.) [#]
  • In the sun, in the Lakes. As near perfect day as one could reasonably expect. Tomorrow? It's bound to be my turn to come down with swine flu [#]

Twitterings: 10th-16th July

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #9: "Herr Proctor offers said land for a song. But no one wants to sing." [#]
  • Virgin Media's direct mail department exhibits an admirable persistence, bordering on harassment. I'll give them that. [#]
  • Dropping an apple into my son's packed lunch is a triumph of hope over experience. [#]
  • Been press-ganged into a yogic workout, again, thanks to Waybuloo and an insistent 2-year-old. [#]
  • @iamnotsteve Fair's fair, ITV make The Street for the BBC, and that's ace. What? It's been cancelled? As you were then. in reply to iamnotsteve [#]
  • @iamnotsteve No need to be scared. Only me. in reply to iamnotsteve [#]
  • Got a new mobile phone and I'm still at that in-between phase: the new one, I can't get my head round; the old one, seems archaic already. [#]

Twitterings: 3rd-9th July

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #8: “Look around, around, the second drummer drowned. His telephone is found.” [#]
  • Junk mail from Barclaycard, with “nothing of *interest* in here…” written on the envelope. Geddit? Got it. Bin. [#]
  • Advert for Veet promises “touchably smooth legs”. Touchably. Touchably? TOUCHABLY?!? [#]
  • With a mark of 63% (15 correct answers out of 24) I’m the latest British Citizen to fail the UK Citizenship Test! Woo-hoo! [#]
  • @gezd But will you be expelled from GrammarBlog for writing “deport me too” instead of “deport me to” in reply to gezd [#]
  • @hackneye Oh, there were plenty of guesses-that-came-off in my 63%. Have you decided where you want to be deported to? I fancy Spain. in reply to hackneye [#]
  • Sometimes it seems the only productive thing I do is to endlessly re-repair broken plastic toys with SuperGlue. But at least I have that. [#]
  • Manchester United: Dignified & Humble [#]