Twitterings: 3rd-9th July

by Quinn

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #8: “Look around, around, the second drummer drowned. His telephone is found.” [#]
  • Junk mail from Barclaycard, with “nothing of *interest* in here…” written on the envelope. Geddit? Got it. Bin. [#]
  • Advert for Veet promises “touchably smooth legs”. Touchably. Touchably? TOUCHABLY?!? [#]
  • With a mark of 63% (15 correct answers out of 24) I’m the latest British Citizen to fail the UK Citizenship Test! Woo-hoo! [#]
  • @gezd But will you be expelled from GrammarBlog for writing “deport me too” instead of “deport me to” in reply to gezd [#]
  • @hackneye Oh, there were plenty of guesses-that-came-off in my 63%. Have you decided where you want to be deported to? I fancy Spain. in reply to hackneye [#]
  • Sometimes it seems the only productive thing I do is to endlessly re-repair broken plastic toys with SuperGlue. But at least I have that. [#]
  • Manchester United: Dignified & Humble [#]