Twitterings: 29th May-4th June

by Quinn

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #3: “Man-made deltas and concrete rivers, the south takes what the north delivers.” [#]
  • To North Wales! Quick! Before the sun goes in! [#]
  • Buying a bucket and spade in Llandudno is more difficult than you’d think, now that Woolworths has closed. [#]
  • David Cameron: “I’ve just seen a tabby cat, called Toby, playing with string. And this can only strengthen my call for a General Election.” [#]
  • @Nosemonkey Fame indeed. How does it feel to know that your every utterance was monitored by a BBBC blogger with his finger on a stopwatch? in reply to Nosemonkey [#]
  • Whenever I hear someone moan about how they’re constantly receiving poor customer service, I suspect they’re an unreconstructed knobend. [#]
  • Son’s 6th birthday party and associated mass tidy-up is finally over. Think I’ll unwind with a can of Stella and The Archers. [#]
  • The best thing about election day is that church is cancelled. [#]
  • [via] How to flip your house; good advice for all those who want to stay just “within the rules” like all those dastardly MPs. Information supplied courtesy of…why…the MPs scourge the Daily Telegraph! Via Small Differences. [#]