Twitterings: 22nd-28th May

by Quinn

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #2: “Maybe someone’s gonna save me, my heart is made of gravy, and the laps I swim from lunatics don’t count.” [#]
  • How long do you reckon I’ll keep tying my snapped left shoelace in a tiny bow rather than bother to replace it? [#]
  • I know I’m late to the party, but isn’t Spotify amazing? Yesterday was all about reliving my 4AD phase; today it’s my Creation Records era. [#]
  • I can understand that drinks mugs can go missing. It’s their sudden, mysterious and unexplained re-appearance that freaks me out. [#]
  • Ok, that’s us! No work or school for anyone in this house for another 11 whole days. Happy Whitsun! Now: who was meant to book the weather? [#]
  • To describe replica ’80s football shirts as “retro” is: a) wrong b) a sign of my age or c) both ? [#]
  • Another Bank Holiday Monday, another opportunity to show “The Little Vampire” on BBC2. [#]
  • Redbush tea reminds me of the taste of dental floss. Oddly, this seems a good thing. But then I mourn the passing of McDonalds Rootbeer. [#]
  • I can never tire of watching Tom & Jerry play Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No.2. [#]
  • It seems that I am now unable to get my shoes back after ten-pin bowling without thinking of that episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. [#]
  • @gezd There’s nothing wrong with the #stopthebnp hashtag, but personally I prefer #thebnparetwats. in reply to gezd [#]
  • No wonder ITV are struggling. Do they know their audience? If they did, surely they would instruct their presenters to root for Barca? [#]
  • Clive Tyldesley must have read my last tweet; he’s just acknowledged the many UK viewers who will have cheered the Eto’o goal. [#]
  • The Apprentice on the telly, European Cup on the laptop. Who says men can’t multi-task? [#]
  • Me. I don’t honestly think I’m managing to follow either. [#]
  • News Flash: Margaret Moran to step down at the next election, in an attempt to thwart Esther Rantzen’s bid to become an MP. [#]
  • @gezd I believe there was a City version of that song – “Now that we’ve got Quinn what are we gonna win,with him?” – but I never heard it. in reply to gezd [#]
  • Well done @Nosemonkey, you did grand on BBC4. A telly natural? [#]