Twitterings: Igglepiggle & The Flight Of The Phoenix

by Quinn

  • Although it’s on three times a day, my daughter still points in astonishment each time “In the Night Garden” comes on TV. And I play along. [#]
  • That wooden board covering the smashed window at The Old Vine has been painted black. So temporary repair becomes permanent feature? Nice. [#]
  • Almost worth starting a Telegraph subscription, so I can leave a comment saying I’m cancelling my Telegraph subscription. [#]
  • Listening to House Tornado by Throwing Muses. Utterly fantastic. I urge you to buy it at the first opportunity. You can’t be disappointed. [#]
  • Our house has more lime juice than we’ll ever need. In that we have some. [#]
  • I would “live tweet” the budget, but my radio seems to be switched off and I feel no inclination to switch it on. [#]
  • Blimey. Phoned the council 20 minutes ago reporting a missing lamp post cover, and they’re already out sorting it. Well done Stockport MBC! [#]
  • Shit! Is it that time already? But all I’ve done all day is a bit of faffing about! Quick: find something useful to do, before it’s too late [#]
  • Ooh, Flight Of the Phoenix is on tonight. [#]
  • Oh, it’s the remake. [#]
  • | The Economist: “63% of people think the economic situation is a major cause of fearfulness in others, but only 12% of respondents confessed to feeling “quite” or “very” scared about it personally “. Which pretty much supports what I’ve said all along about the media’s continued and distorting scaremongering. [#]