Twitterings: Easter Eggs & Macaroni Cheese

by Quinn

  • What is it with Macaroni Cheese in Scotland? Is there a single pub in the country that doesn’t have it on its menu? Not to mention the pies. [#]
  • If you’re ever in fear of falling asleep at the wheel on the A74(M), try a can of Relentless and a Boost bar. Worked for me. [#]
  • Is there such a thing as leftover bread? Or is there only bread we have yet to eat? Or feed to the ducks? [#]
  • Another episode of Lewis, another bit of product-placement for The Randolph Hotel. [#]
  • A house full of chocolate, and still the kids want to stop off at the sweet shop on the way back from the park. [#]
  • Just deleted my intended blog post on the G20 demos, then all the other drafts I know I will never get around to writing. Feel better now. [#]
  • Further to the last, those “fed up with blogging” moods of mine seem to be getting more frequent, and the gaps in-between getting briefer. [#]
  • First mention of “you know, I don’t think I give a shit about this anymore” on #apprentice. By me. [#]
  • | Shuggy: “All [police] are not bastards – they're just like the rest of us, which is to say for the most part complete assholes.” Yup. [#]