Twitterings: 26th June-2nd July

by Quinn

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #7: “We spoke of latent causes, sterile gauzes, and the bedside morale.” [#]
  • @michael_dennis If everyone listened to the Man From Delmonte song “M-I-C-H-A-E-L” it could improve things; it’s why I know how to spell it. in reply to michael_dennis [#]
  • @michael_dennis No, I can’t find it online either, so for the time being I’ve whacked it up here: in reply to michael_dennis [#]
  • “Oh, that reminds me,” says my son on hearing the ice-cream van. “What of…post-war Vienna?” I replied. [#]
  • I wonder. Does knowing that our local ice-cream van plays the theme from “The Third Man” aid ones understanding of that last tweet? [#]
  • Blood & Treasure: Parable Of The Snake Illustrated [#]
  • Bloc Party appear to have a limitless supply of very average songs. [#]
  • *Never* giving my kids Doritos ever again. Currently trying to get them down off the ceiling by using the broom with the extendable handle. [#]
  • Flying Rodent: on Not Flying The Flag (How Bullshit Works, Part 14,302 ) [#]
  • Just broken a chisel trying to get some Morrison’s “Soft-Scoop” ice cream out of the tub. [#]
  • Cadbury’s “Freddo” has got to be my favourite amphibian-shaped chocolate bar. [#]
  • @hackneye Blimey, that’s two of my meagre band of twitter followers that have had swine flu. Hope you’re all on the mend. in reply to hackneye [#]