Twitterings: 19th-25th June

by Quinn

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #6: “Mandrake versus the snake. I got it on the camera for posterity.” [#]
  • Shouting At Cows: on HD TV and ITV Sport in Mosaic-vision [#]
  • RT @antonvowl: RT @bounder – Worst Daily Mail poll ever. Vote yes to skew the results and pass it on [#]
  • Morning Quiz: How many times in an *average* day does Nicky Campbell get punched? (Clue: It’s fewer than you’d think; between 80-100 times). [#]
  • 853: on Anonymous Blogging and MSM Hypocrisy [#]
  • Mother Nature has decreed that I’m of an age where I would benefit from tufts of hair growing from my ears. Mother Nature is full of shit. [#]
  • *Still* slightly hungover, despite stopping drinking 16 hours ago. Does hair-of-the-dog work with alcohol-free beer? It’s all I have in. [#]
  • This hot cup of tea isn’t cooling me down at all. [#]