Twitterings: 12th-18th June

by Quinn

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #5: “Zürich is stained and it’s not my fault. Just hold me back or let me run.” [#]
  • Come on you sparrows; those bullying starlings have buggered off from our bird feeder. Now’s your chance! [#]
  • Too late. The starlings are back. You’ll have to be quicker than that. [#]
  • It’s taken Adam&Joe’s podcast to point out that “gelatine” should be “gelignite” in “Killer Queen”; unless Freddie meant the setting agent? [#]
  • Guess what? Apparently gelignite is also known as “blasting gelatine” or “gelatine dynamite”. Perhaps in future I’ll google before I tweet. [#]
  • @antonvowl Cheers, just spotted it. I’m ignorant in a whole multitude of ways. in reply to antonvowl [#]
  • While faffing about on the internet it seems I now have a FriendFeed. Heed not. I don’t really get it I doubt I’ll be using it. [#]
  • RT @Martin_Carr: Must say I’m looking forward to the Archers today. It’s like The Wire with cows. [#]
  • @asgerd I know. They need to confirm who they’re speaking to, but you need to know they are who they say they are. Result: an impasse. in reply to asgerd [#]
  • [via] The BNP / Egging Laffer Curve — via Crooked Timber: “If nobody ever egged Nick Griffin, then he’d never get egged, which I presume nobody wants. On the other hand, if he was egged every single time he went out, then he’d never leave his house – result, no eggings. But I really don’t believe that we’re on the right hand side of that Laffer Curve, not yet.” [#]
  • [via] David Mitchell: “Sir Alan Sugar is perfectly suited to the job of “enterprise tsar” because it’s not a job – it’s an exercise in presentation, just like his role on the BBC. In less bewildered times, an ambitious opposition would welcome the opportunity to ridicule such a disastrously craven government appointment. Instead, they’re meanly trying to block it because they’re annoyed they didn’t think of it themselves.” [#]