Twitterings: 8th-14th May

by Quinn

  • @Ear_I_Am If I’m typical, it means we like 2/3 of the companies we Google, and are happy to waste the advertising budget of the other 1/3. in reply to Ear_I_Am [#]
  • I do the whoopers and the timer, the boy does the goons and the big bird. Teamwork: that’s how you win at Cobblepot Caper. [#]
  • If you drop and break a full jar of Dolmio when walking back from the shops, why not leave it lying there in the middle of the pavement? [#]
  • Balls to the result. And the performance. I’m a simple soul, and watching Ronaldo’s strop is all the entertainment I require. [#]
  • I see the Nicholson Arms is boarded up. If it’s representative of all those umpteen pubs closing each week, it can only be a good thing. [#]
  • Thank God for Ted Robbins. Without him there’d be a Ted Robbins shaped void that no one would be able to fill. [#]
  • Blogger [noun] Someone amazed anyone reads their worthless crap. | Journalist [noun] Someone amazed so few people read their worthless crap. [#]
  • Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer is lovely. In fact, it’s so authentic, it tastes just like normal, non-alcoholic Ginger Beer. Praise indeed [#]
  • Conjunctivitis is a pain in the eye. [#]
  • My son’s battery-powered, flip-over Monster Truck isn’t annoying at all. No. Not at all. [#]
  • Fun, longer than planned drive round Manchester, fully exploring changes to traffic management since last time. “No Left Turn? Oh fuck!” etc. [#]
  • Does my son watch in awe as I change AAA batteries and squeeze superglue, just as I watched my dad strip the engine of a Hillman Avenger? [#]
  • Anyone know what’s happened to Löwenbräu? I haven’t seen any for ages? [#]
  • [via] The William Roache *MBE* Website, for all your William Roache needs. A truly criminally awful celebrity website by the star of TV, film (allegedly) and stage (after a fashion) who doesn’t want to be known as Ken Barlow. Or even Bill. Via [#]
  • [via] HSE Myth of the Month: every month, another health and safety myth. In fact, I’m sure the Health and Safety Executive could do a “myth of the day” page, with a few bonus myths each time the Richard Littlejohn column is published. [#]
  • [via] Economist: “An efficient public sector may count as much as an efficient private one; public investment in transport, schools and health care, done well, can pay dividends.” No shit. After 165 years has The Economist finally got it? Has my bashing my head against a brick wall not been in vain after all? Can I cut out and keep this article ready for the next time I read about the private sector alone being the wealth creating sector, which I’m anticipating in around 12 minutes time? [#]
  • [via] Economist: “One fast-food boss says that he staffs the same restaurants in France with two-thirds of the numbers hired in Britain.” I’ve read that stat before, and I thought at the time that it could be made to prove whatever the author wants it to. Here it is used to show how the French social model prevents job creation when compared to the UK. However, were one minded to write an article criticising the inefficiency and low productivity of the British economy compared to the French, you could reach for that same stat again. Which is right? I don’t know. [#]