The Week On Twitter

by Quinn

When I started this sorry load of nonsense some years ago I intended to view it like a commission, as if I were writing a column on a national newspaper and the deadline for submissions – which I plucked out of thin air – was Thursday. So for the first several months of this blog’s existence I always published some posts on a Thursday, whether I had something to say or not: anything I wrote at other times of the week was to be considered a bonus for you lucky people. Anyway, eventually I decided I couldn’t be bothered with all that, I would just write about whatever I wanted, as and when, and that is still the current policy.

However, I do write elsewhere – albeit within the restriction of using no more than 140 characters – on my Twitter page. You know Twitter, it’s the current big thing the media are prattling on about, the web 2.0 service that in seconds allows you to mither Stephen Fry with some banal sycophancy or other. Anyway, I do have a Twitter page – although I can’t be bothered following anyone famous – and Alex King’s excellent Twitter Tools plug-in not only allows my latest “tweet” to feature on the sidebar, but it also facilitates publishing a weekly digest of all my twittering right here in post form, if I desire it so to be.

So, what could be better than to perpetuate an imagined sense of heritage by publishing a digest of my weekly Twitter efforts each Thursday, so to fit in with the exalted history of this blog? Oh it’s all too much, it really is, but don’t worry: as you’ll soon see I don’t update Twitter very much either, so you’ll be able to skip over future weekly digests in a trice, and all the better to build up the anticipation for my next full instalment of drivel. Which is coming soon, of course.

So anyway, for what it’s worth, here is the sum total of my past week’s twitterings.

  • Just bought a wind-up radio for £8 at Tesco. Now I’m all set for the coming apocalypse. [#]
  • Puzzled as to why the makers of the Cough Syrup I’ve just bought have gone for a “Lime Pickle” flavour. Surely “Strawberry” is a better bet? [#]
  • Finally found a reliable P2P stream for the cricket, to find that I prefer the radio coverage anyway. [#]
  • 11 days since my last alcoholic drink, my longest period of abstinence since my teens. Still, a work do this evening will put paid to that. [#]