A Month In The Country

by Quinn

The Turgenev play? The film featuring Colin Firth and Kenneth Branagh? No, just a post explaining what I will be up to for the next four weeks or so.
It’s Cornwall from Friday, taking advantage of the twilight days of my wife’s maternity leave and my own current bizarre part-time shift pattern which affords us the opportunity to spend three weeks in that gorgeous sticky-out bit of England way down there without ballsing up our entire annual leave entitlements.

Then it’s a further week with extended family members in the land of my forefathers (or rather my one mother) up Perthshire way; more specifically at Rumbling Bridge just south of the beautiful Glendevon. Don’t worry; we won’t be making the Cornwall-Perthshire trip in one go. That would be madness. A stop at home en route will be very much in order.

When I get back I will endeavour to update this site a little more often than I currently do – after all, there’s nothing I like better on a hot, sunny day than to be sat in front of a PC tapping out nonsensical crap – but that is something I know you have heard before. Time will indeed tell.

So, set your alarm clocks for June as that will be then next time when I will rant, moan or talk gibberish; at least via the hereby means of the world wide web. See you then.