Barbarism Begins At Home

by Quinn

On Monday, Blogger finally got back to me about my permalink problem. They had looked at my website and said that “the problem seems to be resolved already”. And indeed it had been, because I had moved to WordPress the day before. So credit to Blogger for finally trying to sort out the problem, but I’ve moved on now and I can’t be bothered to go back.

So; without going all “Oscars” on you, a few thanks are in order regarding the move.

  • To my brother for installing the files and creating a MySQL database, whatever that is. He insists that what he did was very simple and only took a few minutes; I am certain that had I attempted it we would have been talking hours, and then it still wouldn’t have worked. Cheers our kid.
  • Ady Romantika for his Blogger RSS Import plug-in, which made importing all my Blogger posts and comments while maintaining my existing permalink (and fixing the broken ones) so easy that I might have done this ages ago had I known.
  • Owen Barder and Tom Sherman for their scripts that, with a few amendments, even mean that all my old permalinks now re-direct to the correct posts on My life is complete.

Now that everything has been set up don’t be surprised to see some tinkering and fiddle-faddling here over the next few weeks until I get things “just so”. I’ve installed the veryplaintxt theme which I have subsequently butchered amended to keep some of the look of my old site, and taken advantage of the move to ditch some of the JavaScript bollocks such as the BBC NewsBox that no-one read and the Google Ads that earned me no money. I’ve also replaced all the little buttons and logos with simple text links which for the time being makes thinks look clean and uncluttered; if I start thinking it looks stark and dull I may change things around, but not yet. I’ve also felt the need to squeeze each post into an ill-fitting category that I may change over time, if only because being in an unsuitable category seems preferable for the moment to being condemned to being labelled “uncategorised”. I care for my posts.

Finally, for my feedreader friends, it looks like the redirect for the atom.xml and rss.xml feeds has worked so you needn’t change your feed settings after all. Mind you, if the redirect doesn’t work, and you haven’t changed your feed, you won’t be able to read this anyway. So there.

That’s enough introspection. Any suggested improvements, or questions regarding the move, feel free to get in touch. Until next time.