Nowhere Fast

by Quinn

Over the next few days I’ll be moving The Obscurer over from Blogger to WordPress. If you read this via a feedreader such as Bloglines, NetVibes or Google Reader then you may want to set the feed you subscribe to as if it isn’t already, as that will survive the change. That will guarantee that you still receive this nonsense, although I will also be setting up a redirect so that hopefully the atom.xml and rss.xml feeds will also work come the day.

Otherwise the only real change you should notice will be a bit of a redesign of this site. The URL will remain the same as, and all the old permalinks should still work, although the archives will be in a different format. Even better, the recent permalinks that have been broken in Firefox should be fixed; and indeed it is Blogger’s abject failure to make any effort to resolve this problem, or even to acknowledge my emails on the subject, that is the only reason I feel forced to make the move.

So, if over the course of the next few days you visit here and either the site is down or there is a strange error message, it will be because I will be hard at work, scratching my head and wondering what has gone wrong. It won’t be because I have jacked this whole thing in, and if you pop back the following day all should be as right as rain.

I hope.