Who Are You?

by Quinn

So, are we all geared up for the stunning denouement to the latest series of Doctor Who tonight?
Yes, hide behind your sofa; the pulse is racing, heart pounding as we head towards the final episode and something we long feared comes to pass, a terrifying and frightening possibility – something we hoped would and could never happen – becomes a horrific reality, somehow crossing from another dimension into our own.

No, not the Daleks and the Cybermen joining forces – together at last – but the return of Mickey, AKA Noel Clarke once more hawking his questionable acting talents around national television; first witnessed in the later series of Auf Wiedesehen Pet (now there was proof of the law of diminishing returns) and now in far far too many episodes of the new Doctor Who.

To think I wasted good energy cheering when he was apparently stranded for eternity in a parallel universe a couple of episodes back. Never mind; let’s get on with it. Do your worst.