Two Minutes To Midnight

by Quinn

If you’ve nothing worth saying, then shut the fuck up, my parents always told me (I’m paraphrasing slightly), hence the general quietness around these parts recently. I’ve really had very little to add to any debate over the past month. No change there, you may reasonably interject, and with due and just cause. 

But on cold leather seats well it suddenly struck me that I was about to go a whole calendar month without posting anything here, something that hasn’t happened (but possibly should have) since this blog started up some four-and-a-bit years ago. And that would be intolerable.

Hence this hastily-tapped message to my dwindled readership, wishing you all a belated Merry Christmas, a just-in-time Happy New Year, and to warn you that I’ll be back here to see you in 2009, which is due in just a couple of minutes time.