Talk Talk

by Quinn

There seemed to be an interesting item on BBC1’s Breakfast programme this morning, concerning children’s communication skills. Are today’s pre-schoolers lagging behind previous generations in their ability to speak? Have standards in language and vocabulary dropped in recent years?

I say it seemed an interesting article because I could barely make out a single word emanating from the television; my 3½-year-old son was yabbering noisily and unceasingly throughout the whole piece. Is it the done thing to tell your child to “just shut up for one minute, please” during a telly programme lamenting the decline in the nation’s language skills? It’s a judgment call, but I decided against it.

As a result I was unable to take in a thing; I have no yardstick against which to gauge my son’s development, I cannot tell if there is a problem or cause for concern, and I am unable to take any further measures to correct my son’s communications gap if it exists. Because he never stops talking.