by Quinn

Well we managed to get away with it for a few months, but inevitably the PC brigade finally caught up with us and banned Christmas[1] once and for all. Because yesterday, in defiance of the Great British Public, my local council realised their heinous error and removed the festive lights and decorations on Cheadle High Street which I had been enjoying for weeks, so cancelling the celebrations and any mention of them.

Here is a picture of the criminals at work, engaged in sabotage. I am sure you can feel the outrage, the sense of violation; but what the photograph can’t capture is the howls and jeers emanating from the crowd of shoppers who berated the elitist intelligentsia in the cherry-picker as they removed the lights (I say the crowd jeered; I can’t be sure since I have been nursing a seasonal cold with resulting near deafness since mid-December[5]; so I may just have heard tinnitus, or voices in my head, or indeed someone with a trolley asking me to stop blocking the pavement and get out of the fucking way. I can’t be certain; but I know what I think).

The bastard, right-on council have even forced The Christmas[2] Shop to shut for heavens sake; and it’s been selling tinselly tat for, oh, weeks now before the diversity fascists managed to move in and close it down, driving it out of business. I don’t know it’s the council who closed it, but why else would it have shut? Do you know the shop I mean? On the High Street, next to Spinks Hampsons Sayers bakers? It used to be The Fireworks Shop, until that too was forced out in November, no doubt on the order of Health & Safety Nazis.

But I know it’s not just me who is suffering as the forces of multiculturalism finally flex their muscles now that the benevolent gaze of the Daily Express has moved onto other things. Take the telly; when was the last time you heard any mention of Christmas[3] there? It’s as if it never existed. What happened to the BBC1 ident of people making a stupid big snowball to fit in with their latest fucking awful “circle” theme? When did you last see that? Exactly; not for days. So another blow is dealt to the idea of England as a Christian country.

And why are they doing all this? Why, to placate some imagined grievance on the part of some Muslims, probably. The thing is I bet most Muslims aren’t bothered in the slightest if we celebrate the birth of Jesus. I’m sure they wouldn’t complain if I bought them all a present, let’s say that! But I don’t know any Muslims.

But that’s that then, all gone with barely a whimper. Now we must prepare for the long wait until we see those first illicit mentions of Christmas[4] in 2007, before they are slammed down again by the liberal cognoscenti; but writing this in January, August seems so very, very far away.

[1] Opps; I mentioned the C-word; not allowed to say that, am I?
[2] Naughty me. I meant wintermission!
[3] Sorry, etc…
[4] Zzzzzzzz
[5] And this is me. The main consequence of my deafness, apart from my shortened temper, is the way I keep waking in the morning under the impression that the month old Quinny has managed to sleep through, only for my bleary and blood-shot eyed wife to inform me that, well, she didn’t. I owe her.