Summer Babe (Winter Version)

by Quinn

Well, that’s my fortnight’s blogging paternity leave over and done with (unlike my genuine paternity leave, which I am still disputing with my employers) so I guess I should get down to writing something here. And I will, eventually; but you can’t (or I won’t) rush these things, and with Christmas coming up this is just one of my regular “I’m not dead” posts, stating that I will return soon. Anyway, I can’t disappear for good, because if I am about to be disenfranchised I will certainly need somewhere to voice my point of view.

My daughter’s birth certainly put paid to the post I was writing about the minimum wage, which is a shame, because it was going to be fucking brilliant. I imagine it will emerge eventually, when I can be arsed, probably in the New Year; so if/when it does, and you think “this load of toss from The Obscurer is even less topical than usual”, then you’ll know why.

For stats fans, “Ellie” was born on Tuesday 28th November 2006 at 22:41, weighing in at 6lb and 12oz. She was born at exactly the same weight as my son (born June 2003) and looks uncannily like him. By coincidence, Jarndyce’s daughter (and also second child) was born the same day, which is spooky in a “vague coincidence only, not really spooky at all” kind of way. I wish him and his family well. For myself I am currently readjusting to a life with scant sleep (more difficult with your second, when you also have a 3-year old running around wanting to play “pirates”), reminding myself of the astonishing rate at which babies go through nappies, and rediscovering the natural talent I have for fastening sleep-suits with the press-studs out of sync.

So the usual rubbish will appear here soon enough; just watch this space (or even better, get someone like Bloglines to do that for you).