by Quinn

Paul never wrote a blog – I’m not sure he knew what one was, and I never told him about this thing – but if he had done I think you would have liked it. I suppose the nearest he got to it was writing an album review of Kenny Thomas’ The Best on Amazon a few years ago.

It was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek review; Mr Thomas blighted an otherwise merely shit night for everyone in Stockport’s legendary Coco Savannah Night Club a good few years ago when he appeared on stage unadvertised to sing three tunes, one of which was merely a reprise of his first song. Now called Heaven And Hell, Coco’s is but a stone’s throw from where Paul chose to take his life.

Anyway, I loved Paul’s review, so here it is in its entirety, and for posterity. Just see what you make of it, and see what we are all missing.

What KT Did

This Best Of compilation serves as a timely reminder to fans of why Kenny was such a musical force and gives non-devotees a chance to sample his gloriously soulful vocal talents.

Of the 16 tracks here only 11 sound the same and KT still manages to infuse each one with passion, wit and meaning ( and dare I suggest magic as well? ) He is by turns smooth balladeer, playful seducter and even raucous groove-meister.

“Tender Love” sees our Kenny at his most visionary. I wonder just how many couples have fallen in or out of love to this haunting number? I’m sure I’m not the only one for whom this song holds precious memories. Kenny’s touching delivery will always remind me of that special weekend in Runcorn.

In the hands of a lesser talent ( Michael Bolton, Marvin Gaye etc ) “Trippin’ on your love” could be bland and forgettable drivel but Kenny lifts the song (and our spirits) with his stirring performance. As my parents generation used to say he truly does have “the groove” going on.

KT answers any suggestion that his sound is nothing more than watered down imagination-free pap with the sublime “Stay”, the delightful “Best of You” and the club party within a song that is “De Grooveski”.

All this plus the opening track- “Outstanding”- the hit that first brought KT to the attention of a grateful public. How many superlatives can be hurled at this great number?Any description I could think of would barely do it justice – suffice it to say it simply remains the glittering crown in Kenny’s family jewels, the creme de menthe of his blistering career.

I urge everyone to buy this CD or one quite like it. Let’s hope “Best Of” returns Kenny Thomas to the forefront of pop/soul/disco/karaoke – where he rightly belongs.

Here’s looking at you, our kid.