Gone Again

by Quinn

So, before we really got reacquainted, David Blunkett has had to resign again. I can’t say I have been following the to-ings and fro-ings of this one very closely, so I can’t offer an opinion on whether his going is justified; although it is probably common sense. The media had clearly scented blood and just weren’t going to let it lie, and I had the feeling that there would be a drip-drip of further stories being released, either real or imagined, until he finally went. Better to spare us all and just go early.

But why did I assume there would be further revelations in the press? Why didn’t I just think that what has been revealed so far would be the end of it, and that having ridden the storm Blunkett would be allowed to continue in his job?

Perhaps because whenever the media do scent blood it always seems that more and more stories do come out until the situation is resolved in the inevitable way. Has there ever been a case where the press have got themselves into a feeding frenzy over a politician, continually featured him or her on their front pages, detailed further twists and turns in the tale, only for the story itself to blow itself out without a sacking or resignation?

I can’t think of one. There always seems an endless stream of scandals once a politician’s credit has been used up and the press decide to bring someone down; which makes you wonder what the other politicians are up to, the ones the media choose not to write about…until perhaps they feel it is worth their while.