A House Is Not A Motel

by Quinn

Regular readers (not that there seem to be many left now I have returned from holiday) will notice a redesign of this site. Basically I got a bit fed up with visiting other blogs and finding they looked identical to mine, using the standard “scribe” template from Blogger. I was happy with the way my blog looked, but I decided as my comments and observations on life are uninspired, unoriginal and far from unique, the least I can do is have a website that looks different from lots of others out there.

Not that the new look is exactly a state of the art or cutting edge design, pretty much a straight lift of the look you find on many of the TypePad blogs; but I do like the neat uncluttered way those blogs look, and so I hope I have done a half decent copy. Anyway, if you’d told me when I started this blog last year that I would be able to do any sort of HTML redesign at all I would have laughed. But not to your face; I am not that rude.

While I am doing some “blog housekeeping” I will just mention the addition of The Sharpener to my list of links; not that this group blog needs further publicity as it seems to be doing just fine by itself. However, I do think it is worth noting that The Sharpener is a great blog, with some excellent writing from some fine bloggers, and along with Tim Worstall’s BritBlog Roundup every Sunday is a fantastic time saving device for someone like myself whose “blogging time” (largely of my own volition) is somewhat limited. The quality of the posts so far has been very high, and has introduced me to a couple of nice blogs at Third Avenue and Actually Existing. If you haven’t already, give it a go.