Election Special

by Quinn

I wasn’t going to write a post about the election, I was just going to include a post-script to my previous post “Commercial Break” explaining how and why I wasn’t writing a post about the election; until I realised that in explaining why I wasn’t going to write about the election I had started writing about the election, and so writing about the election in a post-script about how I wasn’t going to write about the election started to look a bit silly. So here is my separate post, about the election, what I wrote.

The reason I wasn’t intending to speak on the subject is because I seem strangely uninterested in the whole affair. I suppose I take it for granted that Labour are going to win, and so there is nothing really left to say. Perhaps if a Tory win looks likely then I may spring into action, but unless anything dramatic happens I suggests you look elsewhere for election commentary; the Election Blog is a good place to start, which features articles from Nick Barlow, Chicken Yoghurt and the ever excellent NoseMonkey, amongst others. I have placed a LibDem advert on this page, as they will be getting my vote, but it is the equivalent of a poster in the front window of my house. It is me saying “I’ve made my mind up…now LEAVE ME ALONE!”

I will be voting for the LibDems, just as I almost always have. I suppose politically I have shuffled slightly from foot to foot over time, a bit to the left, a bit to the right, but always within the LibDem’s orbit while Labour has shot straight over my head. In particular I will get out to vote because my constituency, Cheadle, is the most marginal in the country, with a LibDem majority of only 33 over the Tories. My vote really could count.

I won’t go into details about why I won’t vote Tory. Suffice it to say that I still view them as a party of absolute and unrestrained evil, and I don’t believe that this is an unreasonable view to hold. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire, unless I was able to piss pure paraffin. Damn them all to hell. Don’t get me started on the Tories; you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.*

I can’t say I am a big fan of Labour, of course, or of Blair, but there really is no question who I would prefer to form a government. While I understand where the Backing Blair campaign is coming from, and despite eight years of a Labour government, I still view politics in terms of being pro- or anti- the Conservatives. Even if it was in my gift, I just couldn’t bring myself to vote Tory in order to give Blair a bloody nose. I know the risks of the Tories getting in are tiny – the BBC have a handy election seat calculator here, which the other day showed a Labour overall majority of 40 seats even when both parties had 36% of the vote – but I couldn’t live with myself if the calculation went awry and Michael Howard went to see the Queen on Friday the 6th. It is too serious a business and is simply not worth it.

So that’s my election special. You will notice I haven’t gone through the parties’ policies or tried to justify why I am voting as I am, I have just bashed out a bit of prejudice. I figure most people who read this already know who they are voting for and why, and will also know why I will vote as I intend (see my previous posts if you are not sure).

I expect a third Labour term; perhaps even as part of a coalition with the LibDems if required, and if we are lucky. On that basis, I doubt I will write on this subject again. Wake me up on 05/05/05; unless something interesting happens.

*Update: I have had a rethink since writing this criticism of the Tories, and I feel that I have been unfair. It was over the top to describe them as a party of absolute evil. In addition, I believe that in all probability, if placed in the situation, I would piss on them, if they were on fire.