Twitterings: 14th-20th August

  • I've got a new set of kitchen scales! They're great, and I couldn't be happier if I'd just got an iPhone 3GS. Although I'm a bit richer. #
  • Two days of work are squatting between me and my holiday, like two great big squatting things. Fuck off, squatting things; I don't like you. #
  • Just because I want the trains to run on time, it doesn't make me a fascist. #
  • No more working for a week or three. That's me. #
  • First, Virgin Media pester us to join them. Now BT pester us to leave Virgin and join them. Except we're already *with* BT. I give up. #
  • Those were yummy pakoras. But the batter was the natural enemy of tempura. #