Twitterings: 10th-16th July

  • Friday morning Pavement lyric #9: "Herr Proctor offers said land for a song. But no one wants to sing." [#]
  • Virgin Media's direct mail department exhibits an admirable persistence, bordering on harassment. I'll give them that. [#]
  • Dropping an apple into my son's packed lunch is a triumph of hope over experience. [#]
  • Been press-ganged into a yogic workout, again, thanks to Waybuloo and an insistent 2-year-old. [#]
  • @iamnotsteve Fair's fair, ITV make The Street for the BBC, and that's ace. What? It's been cancelled? As you were then. in reply to iamnotsteve [#]
  • @iamnotsteve No need to be scared. Only me. in reply to iamnotsteve [#]
  • Got a new mobile phone and I'm still at that in-between phase: the new one, I can't get my head round; the old one, seems archaic already. [#]