Twitterings: Pig Or Fig?

It’s fig.
In other news, it’s been a momentous time here in Obscurerland. It’s not just that I only went and wrote a proper post and everything, my first for nearly a month, even if it was little more than a tortuous, extended advert for a brand of curry sauce. No; in addition, a landmark was passed when the number of tweets I’ve written on Twitter overtook the number of posts I’ve written here. So does that mean I’ve become a twitterer with a blog, rather than a blogger who twitters? I don’t care. And I’ve still somehow found time to start up a pointless tumblelog – in effect the RSS feeds from here, Delicious and Twitter forced through some Yahoo! Pipes and splurged out alongside perhaps just the occasional piece of “original content” (as a teaser to entice people in, oh yes, a bit like those new tracks you can find on Greatest Hits CDs that only idiots such as myself fall for) – although why I don’t know. There seems no end to the variety of ways this web 2.0 malarkey enables people like me to publish and republish the same old reheated stuff that no one’s interested in anyway; but it’s harmless and keeps me busy and off the streets where I could otherwise prove to be a danger to myself and others.

Anyway, it’s that time of the week and I know what you’re here for, you lucky people, so here are my twitterings from the past seven days. Off you go now; fill your boots.

  • There’s something hypnotic about watching your sleepy 2-year-old repeatedly nodding off then waking up as her head lolls forward. [#]
  • Why do people bother clicking “Don’t Know” on those single-question online polls you see? Why not just, you know, ignore them? [#]
  • What a glorious sunny day. I should be going to Praa Sands. But I’m going to work. [#]
  • My research project complete, the results are in: and Kellogg’s Rice Krispies *are* snappier, cracklier and more poppy than any own brand. [#]
  • I’ve never understood why it’s the Cor Anglais but the French Horn. Do the French say English Horn and Cor Francais? [#]
  • @HornCologne So you *do* learn a new thing every day! Many thanks. in reply to HornCologne [#]
  • Quality Save staff always make me feel as if I’m getting in the way of their shelf-stacking. But at 35p for a pack of Toffypops: fuck it. [#]
  • In a just world there’d be a Jas Jas Jas Lebanese deli in every town. At least the only one that does exist is round the corner from me. [#]
  • It’s always a joy to hear The Magic Numbers unexpectedly. [#]
  • Thrown by an article on US-Israel relations discussing Barack Obama & Ehud Barak. One Bara(c)k too many for my feeble brain to cope with. [#]
  • Ahh, the April paper-shred of my old bank statements. Always puts me in mind of my mate who used to work for Barlow Clowes. [#]
  • [via] More shitty, lazy journalism from the Telegraph. If the writer of this pitiful excuse for an article had actually read the news report regarding Bonjela she’d have know that the Teething Gel is fine. You don’t even need to be an investigative journalist to find that out, just a reader of average ability. How does this sort of bollocks get commissioned? And I’m sick of staring at this headline on my Google News home page. Enough already! [#]
  • [via] Nick Davies: “There were six days of substantially false coverage about a man who apparently died of a heart attack as he walked home while a screaming mob of anarchists hurled missiles at the police officers who tried to help him. Any inquiry into this media misinformation will want to find out whether that was simply the hyperbole of ignorant reporters or the product of bad practice at the Metropolitan police, the City of London police or the IPCC.” [#]