Indoor Fireworks

After spending the week on holiday in Cornwall we arrived home on Saturday to the sound of rockets, Catherine wheels and bangers, the work of both the local kids and of the fireworks display at the nearby Bethesda school. While ferrying our stuff from the car into the house I decided to switch on our aged PC, to give it time to warm up so it would be ready for use once we were all settled in the house. Unfortunately it decided to join in with the bonfire festivities; clearly unhappy at having been left idle for the past week, once I had plugged it in it emitted a pop, a crack and a vaguely cordite-like odour.

Hence the reason why I’m currently sat in Cheadle library tapping away on a borrowed PC, and this post is my way of saying that The Obscurer will be undergoing an enforced hiatus until my computer is either repaired or replaced, and who knows when. I may still issue the odd update on Twitter – although I won’t be publishing those here, you’ll be glad to know – and if you are pining for your irregular dose of my ramblings then please feel free to browse those archives; there’s badly punctuated nonsense on all manner of subjects over there. More likely is that you and I will take a well deserved break from each other, and quite right too. But fear not, I will return. Eventually.