Logic Of A Friend

You may not have noticed, but when I’m not picking shit puns, I often name my blog posts after song titles, or lyrics. This post, for example, is named after a track by Badly Drawn Boy, from an album that has gained new meaning for me over the past week.

The title of my previous post was also derived from a song lyric; in that case a line from the track At The Zoo, by Simon and Garfunkel. My fondest memory connected with the song is of listening to it in the car while driving my mate Paul back home many years ago. If you know the track you will be aware of the instrumental part in the middle, between the two verses, which culminates in a series of handclaps. As we drove down Claremont Road in Cheadle Hulme, at the required moment and unrehearsed, we simultaneously joined in with the claps, a tricky-ish manoeuvre when driving and approaching a road junction; but as we agreed, it was just one of those things you had to do.

Fond memories, however, are now all I have left. A week ago yesterday, for reasons I will never truly fathom, Paul made one final tortuous journey to the middle of Stockport viaduct, and jumped. It’s a big drop, and I don’t know if anyone has survived the fall before; what I do know is that Paul didn’t. And further words are hard to come by.

I hope he is at some sort of peace now.

To live in the hearts of those that you loved
Is not to die.