Welcome To

So you made it! The switch over from obscurer.blogspot.com to www.obscurer.co.uk went fairly smoothly, once I had figured out how to configure my archives, but all in all it was pretty hitch free.


When I checked if things were working on Firefox (yes, I am one of those Neanderthals who prefer IE) the cache or history or whatever meant that the redirect instruction from the new site back to the old site was still in place, preventing Firefox users from coming here. I’ve tried a quick fix to stop the redirect problem but I’m not sure it will work, so if you have only just landed here after a few months of trying then that is probably because the old page has dropped out of your cache. I think.

Things look the same around here, except for the absence of the Blogger navbar at the top of the page; I’m staying with Blogger for the time being because it suits me fine. I may move to MoveableType or WordPress at some point but I don’t know if I’ll ever bother; in any case, that is an ambition that will surely founder on the rocks of my own incompetence.

One thing about having your own domain name, of course, is that it is easy for anyone to find out the details of the owner of the site. This effectively has ended any possibility that I will ever reveal who I work for or explicitly criticise my employer; I haven’t done so this far, and indeed I may never have done so anyway, but I definitely won’t now. It’s no big secret, it’s not like I work in the heart of government or anything, but even my employer’s IT department must be able to do a whois enquiry, so I’m certainly keeping schtum.

So that’s more or less it; welcome to the new URL, thanks for sticking with me, although I apologise in advance if your loyalty goes unrewarded. The new Obscurer will be exactly like the old Obscurer, including the irregular long gaps between posts; indeed looking at the next week ahead, with a heavy workload, a wedding anniversary and 3 year old’s birthday approaching, not to mention over 50 minutes of holiday video that require whittling down into something vaguely watchable, I don’t know when I will update this site next; but if you’ve made it this far I suspect you know all about my ways. Hang around and the usual drivel will appear here soon enough. I’m just not entirely sure when.

PostScript: as predicted my new atom feed is www.obscurer.co.uk/atom.xml, and my FeedBurner feed remains feeds.feedburner.com/obscurer. Update what you need to update, if you understand such things.