Happy New URL

Well, I need a holiday to get over my holiday etc. But I’m home now, and I’ve even done a few days in work readjusting to what it means to have to bother about such things as what the time is, an irrelevance when cottage bound in Cornwall; and I think I have got back into the swing of things admirably.

The “luxury” of holidaying in this country is that you can, if you wish, keep up with the nation’s toings and froings and comings and goings, so I think I am up to date on the things that matter; the final(?) flailing Blair reshuffle; the release of the “narrative” on the 7/7 bombings that rightly hasn’t ended the desire for a full public enquiry; the elevation of Melanie Slade’s boyfriend into the England World Cup squad (pipping Shaun Wright Phillips presumably because the latter hasn’t played much Premiership football this year); and inevitably, the one candidate I explicitly criticised in my last post on “The Apprentice” only goes and wins the damned thing (which either proves that what I know about business could be written on a stamp while still leaving space in the margin for some doodles, or that siralan doesn’t actually mind managerial bollocks (“I’ll give 110%”, “am passionate about…”, “dedicated to…”, “have an instinct for…”) so long as it comes parcelled up in a rags-to-riches (or Kwik Save to quick off-shorer) tale.

But of course the most important news that you are all hanging on for is my scheduled move from blogspot to my own domain; and rather surprisingly it is all on course. At some point tomorrow (Friday 26th May) I will move this whole thing to www.obscurer.co.uk and that will be the place to go for my sporadic rubbish in future. I will try to leave a forwarding post here, but I am not sure quite how that will work. If you subscribe via FeedBurner then that link shouldn’t change; I assume my new atom feed will be www.obscurer.co.uk/atom.xml, so if that is your rss/xml source you may need to do a bit of fiddling about. Check back on the new site tomorrow for confirmation.

For some of you, who have perhaps been following this blog with a certain lack of enthusiasm recently, kept on by a faint hope that I will write something as half-decent as the post that attracted you here in the first place, then amending your bookmarks or favourites with my new address may be too much for you and so this may be the time when we part company; in which case good luck, I don’t blame you and indeed thanks for sticking with me for so long. For those who do make it to the new URL I can’t promise anything other than more of the same, so don’t say you haven’t been warned.

So that’s it, and I hope to see you again soon at the new place.