More Heat Than Light

The new copy of Heat magazine has hit the news stands, and I have reacted with my usual enthusiasm; although this time, rather than ignore its publication I did briefly cast my eyes across a copy during a quiet moment at work (and it had to be a brief look; it’s been going like the proverbial chippy at work recently; a chip shop concession at Fred Karno’s Circus).

The magazine was lying around, left open at the prestigious “Page 29”, and it announced that Anna Friel had joined the Bugaboo club. “She’s done what”, you ask? Well, it seems that there is a brand of pram called Bugaboo; the pram of choice for certain celebrities – Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney and Sara Cox are fellow members of this club – and that is pretty much the gist of the story. So, to recap, someone I don’t care about has bought a brand of pram I have never heard of. Great. To Heat, however, this is not just news, this in fact qualifies as “Breaking News”, as the bright red banner at the top of the page testifies. Breaking News? I have often been critical of Sky News, commenting that for them no story is too small to be described as “Breaking” when they announce it on air; but I think even they would draw the line at this one.

Page 30 was something about Big Brother that I didn’t read, and Page 31 had a list of “celebrity couples” and informed the reader about whether or not they were “on” or “off”. You will be as devastated as I was to learn the Sarah Harding and Mikey Green have split up. Yes! Sarah Harding and Mikey Green! Who the fuck are they? I know the celebrity net is being cast wider these days, but you would think I would have a vague idea who Heat were talking about. An examination of the photograph of the unfortunate pair did not provide any clues; I have no idea who they are or what they do.

With that I left Heat magazine and carried on working. I know this post sounds a bit snobbish, and I honestly don’t mind people being interested in the lives of “celebrities” in a way that I am not, but I just do not understand how people can find such trivia of any interest at all. I don’t have a problem with people watching Big Brother for example, if that is what entertains them, but I cannot figure out why the participants become newsworthy the moment they step into the BB house. Oh well, each to their own I suppose.

And so, it is with a knowing irony that here, as promised (or threatened) in my previous post, is that picture of my son in his City kit, bearing down on goal. I understand that this is of no interest to anybody else, but blogs are often self indulgent, and this one is certainly no exception.