The Simple Art Of Murder

For the second day running, London is the main story across the world’s headlines; so congratulations to the terrorists for that.
Congratulations also for leaving some husbands without wives, some children without mothers, and perhaps some parents childless. Some of the mourning may even be from the bombers’ own families. Well done.

What else have they achieved? They have reduced a bus to scrap and damaged some of the underground’s rolling stock and infrastructure. This will be repaired and replaced in time.

And they will have made the flame of islamophobia burn a little brighter in the hearts of certain morons. There are some blogs to be avoided over the next few days.

But beyond that, the achievement of the bombers ranks somewhere between nothing and fuck all. Whatever the killers aims, nothing will change; this is the lesson of history, of London and of the United Kingdom. We have been through this sort of thing before. And whatever the deluded may believe this is not a war, and planting bombs on rush hour public transport does not constitute a battle.

No, this was just a crime, an act of murder. Pure and simple.