This Week On Twitter

by Quinn

  • Which rail platform for Gatley? BUS. Perhaps I’ll walk home from Cheadle Hulme. [#]
  • @Ear_I_Am Don’t feel too bad; even @manutd_scores only has 154 followers. in reply to Ear_I_Am [#]
  • If the posters on all of our local buses are to be believed, the young Queen Victoria had a large steel bolt where her nose should be. [#]
  • Surely it is high time Sarwan is due a fail? [#]
  • FAO the last person who reached my blog via a Google enquiry.You won’t find the answer you are looking for there, but it’s “orange” anyway. [#]
  • RT @hmhb There is surely nothing worse than washing sieves. [#]
  • Wow! Received a letter advertising “Sky+HD in your flat for only £49”! Sadly, as I live in a house, I think I’ll have to stick to Freeview. [#]
  • I swear our daughter is “the princess and the pea” made flesh. [#]