Inside Out

by Quinn

Oh dear.

Property investment training firm Inside Track, which claims to have created hundreds of property millionaires in the UK, filed for administration on Tuesday, the latest victim of Britain’s housing downturn.

The company, which says it has trained more than 100,000 individuals, said demand for buy-to-let landlord training had shrivelled as mortgages became more expensive and less accessible and as housing prices sagged.

So it looks as if my dreams of travelling in time will remain just that; looks. On a more positive note, however, perhaps I have now received the last of their smuggy and disdainful (but eminently compostable) correspondence that boasted of how you just can’t lose in the property market – especially if you stump up some £3000 in hard cash to pay to Inside Track in the first instance – and which gloatingly mocked and cackled at all those other sad, foolish saps and loser-types; too weak, too timid or just too alert to leap aboard the good boat Inside Track as amazingly it rose with the high tide but then strangely failed to defy the laws of gravity once that swell had subsided.

Which only goes to prove the age-old adage that a Devil in hand can butter no goose on time.